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Nightmares or opportunities?

A move does not have to be heavy, if resignifying the look can be an opportunity and a good moment.

Holding a farewell dinner, setting aside time, and valuing the positives of the new home can lessen the emotional burden of a change of address.

Three out of four Spaniards have ever changed homes. The average is four removals throughout life, although the numbers have increased since the 2008 crisis and the beginning of the pandemic.

At each change of address it is rare to ask:

Did I make a good purchase? Is the place dangerous? Are the neighbors friendly?

The removals are desired or obligatory, depending on the reason that has caused the change of address, the beginning of a life as a couple, the birth of a child, a divorce process, a situation of economic crisis, a climatic disaster, the transfer of a city or country, etc. Getting involved in them can also be related to personality style.

Psychologists Markus Jokela and Lisa Keltikangas-Järvinen of the University of Helsinki conducted a study in 2008 in which they pointed out that there are people who are open to experience and are less afraid to change their direction. While others like to make changes. Which one have you identified with?

After all, there is no shortage of reasons to worry, the beauty of life can be in the resignification of things.

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